Google Photos adds ‘Free Up Space’ option to save space on your device

BY Evan Selleck

Published 17 Nov 2015

Google Photos free up space

Google’s Photos app has been a popular option, especially due to its unlimited space available in the cloud for backing up photos, and now it’s adding even more worthwhile features.

On Tuesday, November 17, the official Google Photos Google+ page indicate that a new update is on the way for Android users, one which will make it even easier to save space on your device when you need it most. Beginning today, there’s a new “Free Up Space” option within Settings, which will delete copies of a photo or video that’s on your device, and is already backed up to Photos in the cloud.

On top of that, Photos can now let you know with a handy Assistant card when your phone’s storage is getting close to capacity, and will let users automatically delete photos that are 30 days or older, and already have a back up in the cloud.

The post indicates that the update is now available for Android users, and it will be available soon for iOS users.

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