Google adds more features to Google Play Games

BY Evan Selleck

Published 25 Jun 2014

image Google Play Games

While they wrapped up their keynote for Google I/O, the Mountain View-based company wasn’t going to let something like Google Play Games go unnoticed. Thankfully the platform has indeed been updated, with plenty of new features to go along with it.

Announced near the end of their Google I/O keynote, Google Play Games will officially see plenty of improvements and updates behind the scenes for the public release of Android L later this year. Some of those features are meant for developers specifically, while many are going to be used by the end user later this year.

One thing that stood out is easier and faster ways to save games to the cloud, which should make losing your place in a game a thing of the past. You’ll also get a new gamer profile, which should show more about you, the games you play, as well as the achievements that you’ve obtained. Developers will be able to add what Google is calling Quests, which are time-focused challenges that gamers will be able to compete with their friends in.