Fitbit confirms it’ll bring caller ID to Force owners on Android, expand device support

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 9 Jan 2014


Fitbit confirmed today to SlashGear that the highly anticipated caller ID function is coming to iOS owners next month. It’s coming to Android, too, but Fitbit didn’t say when.

SlashGear got a look at the update, which displays a single line containing the phone number of the incoming call and the name if the person is in your contacts. Unlike the Pebble, you can’t choose to answer or ignore the call from the Force, you can only see the incoming information. You can check out a demo of the feature in action below.

Fitbit is also working hard to get its app on other Android devices. A recent update expand support for Android devices, and more will be coming soon. Flagship phones from Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG are now supported and most of Google’s Nexus devices are also compatible with Fitbit’s app.

Last, but not least, Fitbit confirmed it was expanding the accessories for its Flex tracker. Instead of colored wristbands, Fitbit will be working with designer Tory Birch to produce a line of wearables that will turn the Flex into a piece of jewelry. Do any of these new features make it even more tempting to get a Fitbit Flex or Force? Or are you still not interested in the fitness tracker category of devices?