First Major Android 10 Patch Addresses Pixel Gesture Issues, Slays Bugs

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 7 Oct 2019

Android 10

Android 10 has already been treated to a minor update. The patch is the first major Android 10 update and is available for all Pixel devices. The update arrives with improvement in gesture navigation and slays several bugs including the infamous Pixel gesture issue.

The patch will be “Gesture navigation stability improvements” for all the pixel devices. With the update, users should be able to navigate across Android 10 easily by using the white strip button. After updating to Android 10 users complained about issues with navigation control. For some, the home button and the multi-button swipe stopped working completely.

As mentioned earlier, the patch fixes some bugs on Android 10. The list includes “memory drain in UI,” “boot loop in certain locale modes,” and “missing heads-up notifications.” Furthermore, the update also comes with “System stability improvements” and “Wi-Fi stability improvements.” The Android 10 patch is available for all eight Pixel devices. That apart “Fix for missing notifications in Pixel Stand mode” is patched alongside “Sensor calibration improvements” on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

The October security patch is crucial. The patch addresses vulnerabilities of different threat levels. Google says that “no critical security vulnerabilities affecting the Android platform were publicly disclosed without a security update or mitigation available for Android devices.” It is also worth noting that the patch addresses a critical issue on Pixel and Pixel 2. The vulnerability could potentially give attackers complete control by installing a malicious app. As expected Factory and OTA images for Android 10 are already available.

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