First alpha of Xposed framework for Android 5.0 Lollipop released

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 14 Feb 2015


Less than three days after teasing Xposed for Lollipop, developer rovo89 has released the first alpha of the framework for Android 5.0 running devices.

Xposed for Lollipop/ART comes more than 3 months after the release of Lollipop and a year after ART was originally introduced by Google in KitKat. The delay was because of Google constantly updating ART over the last one year, and new stricter SELinux policies and major underlying changes in Android 5.0, which required many hours of research, development and testing from the developer.

If Xposed framework coming to Lollipop was not already a good news for you, you will be happy to know that all the existing Xposed modules continue to be compatible with the framework despite it receiving such a huge underlying make over. This is because the APIs offered by the framework remain the same, though modules that change the system behaviour might need to be updated by their developer to account for the changes introduced by Google in Lollipop.

While the developer has already got the framework to work on 64-bit devices, he has only released the first alpha for ARM V7 devices because of the complexity associated with the 64-bit version of the framework. The first alpha build also seems to be incompatible with stock Samsung ROMs as reported by many users on XDA.

Unlike the previous version of the framework, Xposed for Lollipop/ART replaces some of the original ART files, which may cause a slight drop in performance, though it is not noticeable or significant. The installation process has also changed significantly and requires a custom recovery for installation purposes.

The new version of Xposed framework will also work with previous Android 4.x versions of the OS, but the developer needs to test them before he does a public unified release, which will happen in due time.

You can read more about Xposed framework for Lollipop here.

Download: Xposed framework for Lollipop