Control PowerPoint presentations from your Android with new Office Remote app

BY Killian Bell

Published 10 Apr 2015


Microsoft has launched a new Android app called Office Remote that allows you to control PowerPoint presentations from your smartphone. The app can also be used to navigate Word and Excel documents on your PC from afar.

Office Remote is designed for use in an office setting, allowing presenters to quickly navigate documents and control presentations remotely during meetings. It pairs with a PC via Bluetooth, it’s completely free, and it has a surprisingly long list of features.

Not only does the remote offer basic controls like the ability to move through slides when working with PowerPoint, but it can also display previews of your next slide, play and pause embedded video files, and even act as a laser pointer using touch input.

When working with Excel, the app can change worksheets with a swipe, jump to different objects, scroll up and down through a worksheet, and alter the zoom level. In Word, the app can jump to headings or comments and more.

Until now, Office Remote was a Windows Phone exclusive, but now it’s available on Android, too (before arriving on iOS). Simply install the app on your phone, then install the desktop plugin, then connect your devices via Bluetooth.

Download link:

[via AndroidCentral]