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Google: Hangouts won't go away despite the launch of new messaging apps

Allo and Duo are the future of Google's messaging efforts, but Hangouts has other value that earns it a stay of execution.


Android Wear 2.0: 20 minutes with Google's upcoming smartwatch features

Jeff Chang, Android Wear’s product manager, gave us a sneak peak at what’s coming in the next version of Android Wear.

Android Watches

A big update to Google's Android Wear will make fitness tracking easier

Android Wear, Google’s operating system for smartwatches, is getting its biggest update to date with the upcoming 2.0 release of the software that brings improved messaging and fitness support.

01 android n

Google releases Android N Developer Preview 3 beta

Android N Developer Preview 3 will let you dive into VR Daydream apps and more.

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Android Auto anywhere: Google's app will work in any car, plus it adds Waze support

Once confined to dashboards, Google's in-car experience will soon work directly on your phone. There's also new support for the Waze navigation app, and an SDK for car companies to customize Android Auto to their liking.

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Android N at Google I/O: No new features announced, so Google turned to name-calling

Google wants your input on what Android N should be named when it rolls out later this summer, so choose wisely.

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In pictures: How Google's Daydream VR apes Oculus' hardware and software design

Google's Daydream looks awfully similar to the Oculus Rift, from the headset to the controller to the software itself.

daydream headset

Google teases Daydream, an ambitious VR plan with dedicated hardware and Android integration

Move over, GearVR. Google's Daydream initiative wants to bring dedicated VR hardware and software to every Android phone.

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Hands-on: Android Auto puts Google's in-dash experience on your phone (and, yes, it works)

Forget about buying a new car or tearing out your car's dashboard. Google has a plan to bring Android Auto's distraction-free driving features directly to your phone.

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Here's your first Android N changelog

Google offered a point-by-point list of all the new features coming to the next version of Android.

Google Allo

Google is taking another shot at messaging with its new Allo app

Google announced Wednesday that it's taking another swing at the messaging space with a new app called Allo.

google assistant

Meet Google Assistant, Siri and Google Now's conversational lovechild

Forget about chatbots, Google's baking its digital assistant right into your life.

google io androids

How to watch the Google I/O keynote live

Virtual reality, Android N, and more announcements await from today's developer conference.


New report points to Google's Echo clone being called the 'Google Home'

The New York Times confirms earlier reports that Google will launch a device for the home that will tap into the power of Google's own natural language search.

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Android Influencer: Yasmine Evjen of the 'Material' podcast shares her Google I/O wish list

Still proudly sporting a first-gen Asus ZenWatch, Evjen is one-third of the 'Material' podcast—as well as a prolific UX designer.

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Google I/O 2016: What to expect from Google's epic developer's conference

Android N and virtual reality will surely be hot topics of discussion, but how much will Google's new conference venue influence the company's biggest event of the year?

google io 2016

What the Google I/O schedule tells us about the future of Android

Google will push Android into virtual and augmented reality while nudging developers to embrace Material Design and lightweight apps.

android tv

Android TV’s second act: More apps, better hardware, and new features

Google-powered TV boxes have been a tough sell next to Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV, but that’s starting to change.

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Google I/O 2015 in photos

Android Pay, Android "M," Brillo, Google Photos, and moreImage by Rob SchultzOnce again, Google I/O was held at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, May 28 and 29. At Google’s annual confab for third-party developers,...

jacquard 9159

Hands-on: Google's Project Jacquard plans to turn your jacket into a trackpad

On the surface, the technology is very forward facing, but a deeper dive into it reveals that it's simply another another crazy idea from Google you won't be able to use any time soon.

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