Android 5.1 ships with a new memory leaking bug

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 15 Mar 2015


Google slipped by a nasty memory leak in Android 5.0 that severely degraded the performance of a device greatly over a day or two by gobbling up all the available RAM. Thankfully, Google fixed the issue in the recently released Android 5.1 version of Lollipop, but as luck would have it, it slipped by another memory leaking bug.

While Google has already tracked down and fixed this new memory leak internally, it does not currently have a “timeline for public release” for a new build of Android with a fix for this issue.

The original memory leak in Android 5.0 was pretty nasty, but the new one in Android 5.1 is considerably less so, at least from my limited usage experience on the Nexus 5. Whatever the case may be though, one can only hope that Google soon rolls out an update to fix this memory leak in Android 5.1.

[Via Android Police]