APK teardown suggests there's more integrated Google Now functionality coming soon

screen shot 2014 03 21 at 2.54.46 pm
Credit: Android Police

How did we ever live without Google Now's constant stream of contextual information? Now there's to evidence that the app, which comes standard with most Android phones running Android 4.1 and up, will have even more tightly integrated functionality.

Based on a teardown from the intrepid tinkerers at Android Police, there appears to be a string of code that alludes to the ability for Google Now to detect events mentioned within other Google applications, like Hangouts. A similar feature is already available in Gmail, which will underline dates and times for you to add to Google Calendar.

There's no word about how the functionality would work and which apps it would extract the data from, but here's hoping that it works outside of Google's own suite of Android apps.

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