Nexus Player getting updated to Android 5.1, factory image posted

BY Evan Selleck

Published 20 Mar 2015


Android 5.1 went official not too long ago, and while the rollout wasn’t instant, it’s been trudging along nicely enough.

When it comes to Nexus-branded devices, that is. Now, according to reports, the Android TV-based Nexus Player is the next in line to receive the latest version of the mobile platform, as the set-top box is now getting the update. (Xanax) It measures in at 180.2, and the new build version number is LMY47D. There are new apps, features and users should notice some performance tweaks to better the experience.

If you can’t wait and you like to take updates into your hands, the factory image is available here. Keep in mind that going through with that process will wipe your Nexus Player, though.

Do you own a Nexus Player?

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