How to quickly launch the camera on LG G4

BY Ben Patterson

Published 10 Jul 2015


Camera is one area where most smartphone OEMs have focused on with their 2015 flagship devices. Not only have OEMs managed to improve the camera quality, but they have also made the whole experience better than their previous devices.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6, which feature a 16MP F/1.9 aperture rear camera, come with a new camera app that is significantly faster to use than the one found on the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S5. Samsung has made even made it possible for users to open the camera app and click a picture within a second via a handy double-press home button shortcut.

Not to be left behind, LG also upped its camera game this year with the G4. The handset comes with a 16MP F/1.8 camera which is as good as the Galaxy S6’s rear shooter — if not better. Like Samsung, LG has also included a way to quickly launch the camera on the G4. The shortcut — a simple double press of the Volume button — works when the device is sleeping and is capable of launching the camera app within a second.

By default, double pressing the Volume down button on the G4 will not only launch the camera app but also click a picture. However, if you don’t want the camera app to click a picture when it is launched via the shortcut, head over to Settings -> Shortcut Key and disable the ‘Quick shot’ option. If you are not fond of the Volume down button launching the camera app altogether, you can disable it completely by simply toggling the switch at the top-right to ‘Off.’

The only downside to LG’s implementation is that the shortcut does not work when the screen of the device is on and unlocked. Then, the volume down button is used to control…umm…the volume levels. Nonetheless, the shortcut is still a great way to quickly launch and shoot pictures on the G4, and one can only hope that other OEMs also implement a similar shortcut on their devices.