Google’s L Developer Preview shows off bold colors, new buttons and more

BY Evan Selleck

Published 25 Jun 2014


Google has not officially announced the next version of Android in a way that many other companies might, but that doesn’t mean they can’t show off what they’re working on, or what end users can expect to see later this year when the new update officially releases.

At Google I/O this year, Google’s doing something different. Unveiling the new developer preview for the next big update to Android, without necessarily officially announcing it quite yet. That means they’re calling it “L” on stage, but that’s it. Indeed, Google’s focusing more on the developers this time around, showcasing what devs will be able to build upon, what Google’s changing on their own end, and a few features thrown in there for the end user for good measure.

Part of that is new features and tweaks to the experience as a whole. That means we’re getting bold colors, new icons and buttons, as well as plenty of new features. There are a total of 5,000 new APIs in the new L version, and most of that is geared towards Google’s Material Design, or has some connection to it, all in focus to make Google’s mobile experience better — but not just for mobile.


Google also confirmed that the L release will, indeed, run exclusively with the ART runtime, which was previously rumored not too long ago.

So, for gamers (and other apps), Android Extension Pack will make high-end functionality in the games that much easier. Rendering is far more advanced this time around, especially with the use of Unreal Engine 4. Google says you’ll get “PC gaming graphics in your pocket,” a bold claim indeed.

More to come…