Google confirms November 3 launch date for Android 5.0 Lollipop [Update]

BY Evan Selleck

Published 22 Oct 2014

image Android 5.0 launch date

The launch/shipping dates for the Nexus 9 and Nexus Player have been confirmed by now, but the software-only side of things has been up in the air. Until now.

In a note that Google has sent out to Android developers, the search giant has also confirmed the launch date for the next biggest version of Android, 5.0 Lollipop. In the letter, Google urges developers to get their applications ready for Android 5.0, and have them ready to go within the Google Play Store ahead of its public launch on November 3.

It’s not been a secret that the HTC-made Nexus 9 and Nexus Player would launch on November 3, as pre-orders for both devices opened up several days ago.

The other side of the coin of this is that the software release could mean only a launch for the Nexus 9 and Nexus Player, and not necessarily a public launch of the new platform as a whole.

Which Nexus device do you plan on picking up?

Update: As aforementioned, and noted by Droid-Life, this notification may indeed be a head’s up to developers for just the Nexus 9 and Nexus Player, and not necessarily a widespread launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop. As the updated report shows, the wording from Google does indeed seem to indicate that they are simply preparing developers for the public launch of the Nexus 9 and Nexus Player, and not the launch of the platform.

[via Android Police]