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John Legere

Hackers steal 15 million T-Mobile customers' data from Experian credit bureau

A data breach at credit bureau Experian may have exposed data from T-Mobile USA on about 15 million U.S. consumers.


Sprint's unlimited data plan is getting more expensive

Little more than a year after it was first introduced, Sprint is increasing the price of its $60 unlimited talk, text, and data plan.

rcs gee

Google backs RCS, working with carriers to bring new messaging standard across the Android ecosystem

The advanced messaging standard is like SMS on steroids, and Google's support in Android gives it a big boost.

AT&T unlimited data plans now allow 22GB per month without throttling

After getting pelted with government lawsuits, AT&T more than quadruples the amount of full-speed data for legacy unlimited plans.

tmobile video calling

T-Mobile launches video calling, starting first with the newest Samsung phones

Just as it did with 'advanced messaging,' T-Mobile is attempting to push enhanced features ahead of other carriers.

data cap primary

11 signs that your cellular data limit is too low

If you find yourself obsessively checking your data usage after every action on your phone, it might be time to spring for a bigger data plan.

att logo

AT&T’s new wireless plans: More data, sometimes more dough

Subscribers with 10GB of data can get an extra 5GB at no charge, but other price tiers aren’t as generous.

verizon logo

Verizon eliminates subsidies, contracts in effort to simplify phone plans

While the new packages are easier to follow, they won't necessarily save you money when they take effect August 13.

rcs gee

Everything you need to know about Rich Communication Services (RCS)

This robust messaging standard will super charge your text messages. Here's why you want it.

t-mobile nyse

T-Mobile's latest family data plans are a downright bargain

The latest promotion from T-Mobile undercuts Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint by a wide margin.

john legere t mobile

T-Mobile says customers can roam in Canada, Mexico for free

T-Mobile on Thursday announced that there would be no added charges for its U.S.-based Simple Choice customers when they call, text or use data to Mexico and Canada or when traveling there.


T-Mobile promises three upgrades per year with JUMP! On Demand

Jump On Demand is targeted at the early adopters who always want the latest and greatest phone without the wait for an upgrade.

galaxys5 3

Verizon Galaxy S5, Moto E pick up key updates in our weekly roundup

The HTC One M9 is getting a ton of fixes aimed at the camera and battery life.

the list unlimited data fixed

10 reasons you don't actually want unlimited data

Wireless carriers say you don't actually want unlimited data, and they're totally spot-on.

n6 back

T-Mobile, Sprint versions of Nexus 6 leap ahead to Android 5.1.1

The Nvidia Shield Tablet's Wi-Fi and LTE models are both jumping up to Android 5.1.


Google pledges to fulfill all Project Fi invites by mid-summer

A Project Fi email says you'll soon be able to track the status of your request to try out Google's MVNO.

android lollipop nexus 9

Android 5.1 comes to the Nexus 9, leading this week's Android device update roundup

Dell's newest Venue tablet and a couple of Sony Xperia phones are also finally getting their turn at getting Lollipop.


Google's Project Fi forces you to use or lose your Google Voice number

The first invites are rolling out for those who signed up, and they indicate you have to go all-in with Google Voice.

john legere t mobile

'Never Settle' trial lets Verizon customers trial T-Mobile's network risk-free

Are you a Verizon customer who dreams about switching to T-Mobile? May as well try switching now.

note4 holding

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 finally scores Lollipop in this week's Android update roundup

Other devices are playing catch-up this week, with Sprint's LG G2 finally getting its taste of Android 5.0.

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