Brief: Android 4.2.2 also hits the HTC Butterfly

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 9 Jul 2013


The HTC Butterfly is a strange device. In early 2012, HTC announced their flagship phone, the One X. In early 2013, HTC announced the One X’s successor, the oddly named One. The Butterfly came out smack dab in the middle between those two. It was the first phone with a 1080p screen, but very few people remember that. Americans might know the Butterfly better as the “Droid DNA”.

Anyway, HTC has just announced that Butterfly owners in Taiwan should start seeing an update available to Android 4.2.2 today. What about Butterfly owners in other countries? Assuming HTC rolls out this update as quickly as they did the update to the One, then I predict everyone will have this within the next 30 days.

Should you buy the Butterfly? If you see it on sale, then why not? The Butterfly just got refreshed actually, to a new model called the Butterfly s. It has pretty much everything the HTC One has, except optical image stabilization. Personally, if I had to pick between the One and the Butterfly s, I’d get the Butterfly s.