Samsung makes the GS4 Active official

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 5 Jun 2013

GS4 Active 009

The long rumored, and heavily leaked, Galaxy S4 active has just been formally announced. As expected, it has almost the exact same specs as the original GS4, except for the camera. It’s been “downgraded” to just 8 megapixels. Said camera will be able to take photos underwater using this phone’s new “Aqua Mode”, which is something I can’t wait to see people play with.

Update: The GS4 Active has a TFT LCD, not an AMOLED like the GS4!

So what else makes the GS4 Active special? It’s dust proof and water proof and it has a physical home key, physical back key, and a physical menu key. Regarding availability, here’s the quote:

“The GALAXY S4 Active will be available for purchase beginning this summer, with initial retail in the U.S. and Sweden. It will be offered in three different color options: Urban Grey, Dive Blue and Orange Flare. Specific availability will vary depending on the market.”

Why Sweden? I don’t know. Reminder: The company is going to hold an event on June 20th in London, though at this point I’m having a hard time thinking of what they’ll announce there.

Update: And we have a price!

Update: For those wondering, the GS4 is 136.6 mm x 69.8 mm x 7.9 mm and 130 grams. The GS4A on the other hand, it’s 139.7 mm x 71.3 mm x 9.1 mm and 151 grams.

Yet another update: Samsung has uploaded photos of the Blue and Orange colors!

GS4 Active 011 blue

GS4 Active 010 orange