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htc u12 life

htc u12 trio

HTC U12+ hands-on: No notch, smarter edges, and real selfie portraits

HTC has unveiled the U12+, with a 6-inch screen, dual cameras, and a doubling-down on Edge Sense.

htc u11 plus

The U11+ is the HTC flagship you want but can’t have

HTC's newest flagship phone, the U11+, brings a better screen, bigger battery, and more reasons to squeeze, but it's not coming to the United States.

htc u11 life back arm

HTC U11 Life review: A mid-range phone that punches above its class

HTC's U11 Life has the features of a premium phone but costs half as much.

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Google buys 2,000 HTC employees for $1.1 billion to get instant smartphone chops

Google isn't buying HTC outright, but it's scooping up the engineering talent behind the Pixel phones for $1.1 billion.

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