38% of Xperia owners used to own a Samsung

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 1 Jul 2013

According to The Telegraph, which cites data collected by Kantar Worldpanel, Samsung may have relatively high loyalty rates, but apparently not high enough. Looking at the UK market in particular, roughly 38% of people who own a Sony Xperia smartphone used to own a Samsung smartphone. Most of them used to carry the Samsung Galaxy S II. It’s worth remembering that the UK, like America, is a country where subsidies are king. So now that the Galaxy S II, arguably the phone that put Samsung on the map, is two years old … it’s time to upgrade.

Paul Moore, the Global Director of Kantar Worldpanel, says it best:

“Samsung now finds itself in a position where, after two years of relentless growth, it must focus on keeping its existing base of customers loyal if it is to maintain its success.”

That’s the thing, can Samsung keep people happy? The Note II in my pocket, it’s my first Samsung device, and while I do like it, I’m not exactly in love with it. Then again it’s hard to love an inanimate object, but that’s another story for another day.

Assuming the rumors about larger iPhones are true, and we all know the “cheap” iPhone is inevitable at this point, can Samsung really keep the customers they’ve acquired?

[Via: SlashGear]