Samsung unveils the Galaxy S III mini Crystal Edition, has no shame admitting it’s for ladies

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 18 Nov 2013

Sexism in alive and well, despite decades of progress. Mobile phone makers, even today, often take a popular device they’re selling, slap a pink coat of paint on it, and then spend millions marketing it towards a certain demographic. Now while I’m not offended by that, probably because I’m a man, I know plenty of women who are infuriated by this sort of attitude. Well, ladies, let me present to you the Galaxy S III mini Crystal Edition.

What is it? It’s a 300 Euro Galaxy S III mini in white that has 166 Swarovski crystals on the back. That’s it. You’re looking at the same 4.0 inch AMOLED display, the same anemic processor, the same overall sub-par device. If you can deal with not having bling on the back of your phone, you’re better off buying the bigger and more capable Galaxy S III 4G LTE Edition. But if size is an issue, then I have no issue recommending the Galaxy S4 mini, which is still a bit overpriced, but at least it’s actually pocketable.

Why is Samsung bothering to release this phone? Because they know they’ll sell a few, and they like to partner with premium brands because it makes the Samsung brand appear more “high-end”. Then again I’ve seen Ferrari stores in airports that sell every single piece of garbage on the planet, but with Ferrari logos etched in them, somehow making them worth triple or quadruple their original value.

Careful, Samsung.