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eBook | Presented by One Identity

Future-Proof Your Tactical IAM Projects.

This e-book offers five fundamentals to help you find a new approach to identity access and management (IAM) security. Implement a future-ready approach to IAM that will address your immediate user access challenges while also preparing you to deal with what comes next - even if you don't know what that is.

eBook | Presented by One Identity

IAM for the Real World Access Management

Access is usually the highest priority when taking on IAM challenges, but how do you do it most effectively? In this e-book, you'll discover: today's key challenges for effective access management; the most common identity administration principles; the significant benefits that can come from getting to one identity.

White Paper | Presented by Infocus

Mondopad and ConX by InFocus Keeps Fast Growing Digital Agency Growing

Sq1, a digital marketing agency, expanded by 20x in just 4 years. By installing Mondopad touchscreens and ConX video phones, Sq1 was able to preserve their culture of visual communication and creative spontaneity, which continues to scale with their growth today. This not only led to vast improvements in client and employee relationships, but also a staggering 70% reduction in travel costs for the agency.

eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems Inc

Reducing the Cost of Your Next ADC Refresh

Get More Value from Your ADCs. Evaluate the costs of your next ADC refresh. You need an ADC strategy that goes beyond hardware and offers you flexibility and choice as you transition workloads to the cloud. Are you confident that your current strategy is delivering the best return on investment for your business?

White Paper | Presented by One Identity

Securely Managing Your UNIX Environment

UNIX systems face special identity and access management (IAM) challenges. This white paper details those challenges and explains how they can be overcome with the right practices and the right tools, enabling you to enhance security, achieve compliance, and dramatically improve operational efficiency.

eBook | Presented by One Identity

The top five ways to relieve the pain of managing hybrid AD environments

Active Directory is everywhere and Azure Active Directory (AAD), its rapidly growing, cloud-based cousin, is quickly gaining ground. But, you should know that AAD is not simply a cloud copy of an on-prem AD instance. It is a wholly separate environment. That's why you need to read this eBook. In it, you'll learn about five potentially pain-inducing challenges you must overcome as you transition your organization to a hybrid AD implementation.

White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

A CIO's Guide for Reducing Security Anxiety

In this guide, we'll walk through the following: Why cybersecurity bench marking is difficult for the modern CIO, different methods of bench marking you may be involved in (or want to consider), how Security Ratings may solve many bench marking challenges. Download this free guide today so you can establish your bench marking plan

eGuide | Presented by Bitsight

Board-Level Reporting Survival Guide

This Survival Guide offers some advice on how to advance the CSO/CISO-board relationship, and provides some tips that CSO/ CISOs can use to make their seat at the table more secure-and more meaningful to the business.

eBook | Presented by Bitsight

Creating Efficiencies In Vendor Risk Management

Today, organizations are focused heavily on core competencies and keys to success. This - coupled with the rapid growth of software as a service (SaaS) - has led to increased outsourcing of certain business functions to vendors who can perform these functions better, faster, or cheaper. Therefore, there are more third-party relationships today than ever before - and this comes with a variety of benefits and consequences.

White Paper | Presented by Bitsight

Cybersecurity: The New Metrics

"How secure are we?" That's one of the most common questions asked by boards and senior managers. But security and technology leaders do not always have ready answers, says Jacob Olcott of BitSight Technologies. Are they even using the right security metrics?

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