Google’s New Affordable Chromecast With Google TV (HD) Costs $30

BY Ronil

Published 24 Sep 2022

Google Chromecast

Google has announced the 2022 edition of the Chromecast with Google TV via a blog post. This Google product focuses on affordability and retails at the same rate as its predecessor, launched in 2018. The new Chromecast supports 10,000+ apps, a significant update over the original Chromecast that launched with a handful of apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Google Play Music. You can access HBO Max and Disney+ apps to Amazon Prime Video via Google TV.

Designwise, the new Google Chromecast looks akin to the older model, meaning you can easily tuck it out of sight, behind the TV. It costs $29.99 and ships with the same remote control unit seen with the previous Chromecast model. You can also cast supported apps from your phone, share Google Photos to your TV, and launch your Google Meet video conference to TV using the Chromecast with Google TV.

While it retains all the features like HDR support and enhanced content recommendation from Google TV that you can get with its higher-end sibling, it lacks 4K support. The resolution of the Chromecast with Google TV is limited to 1080p HDR.

What you also don’t get with this affordable Google Chromecast is color options. It comes in only Snow (white) color option, while the 4K variant arrives in three colorways: Snow, Sunrise, and Sky. The 4K model retails at $49.99 if you’re curious. If you don’t care about 4K resolution, it seems worth saving those extra $20 by getting the $29.99 Chromecast instead.

Google Chromecast with Google TV Offers, Availability

If you buy this new Chromecast with Google TV right now, Google offers you a free six months of Peacock Premium subscription, which includes:

  • Movies
  • Shows 
  • Exclusive Originals 
  • WWE
  • Extended live sports
  • Among other benefits

Google currently ships this new Chromecast in 19 countries, but a wider rollout is in the pipeline in the coming months.