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gear vr

Samsung Gear VR now supports the web's native VR format

Get close and personal with the web, but expect some bugs as the WebVR standard isn't quite yet finished.

google cardboard

Google simplifies VR content embeds with new VR view tool

Easy web embeds and a new Cardboard SDK show how serious Google is about pushing forward virtual reality.

Microsoft will bring Minecraft to the Samsung Gear VR

Putting a popular franchise like Minecraft on a consumer-friendly virtual reality platform could boost interest in this brave new world.


Oculus Social lets Gear VR pals play together online

If you and your friends all have a Gear VR you can get together in a 360-degree virtual space and hang out.

vr roller coasters

Six Flags teams up with Samsung for virtual reality roller coasters

If being flung through the air isn't terrifying enough, you'll soon be able to slap on a Gear VR headset for a completely different experience.

project tango 04

Project Tango can be your virtual museum tour guide, and much more

We toured a museum with a Project Tango tablet as our augmented reality guide.


A closer look at Samsung's Gear 360 camera

360-degree video is going to be all the rage this year, so of course Samsung's got a product to create it.


Samsung introduces Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, plus a 360-degree camera

The latest Galaxy smartphones feature improved guts, new cameras, and updated designs. Meanwhile, a new 360-degree camera lets you capture VR scenes that you can view using Samsung's Gear VR headset.

v4.00 04 27 17.still003 100644828 orig

Countdown to MWC 2016: Looking back at last year's best products and biggest letdowns

Here's some of the highlights from last year's show to get you revved and ready for what's in store in just a few days.

mantis 6

Google VR may ditch the smartphone with motion-tracking standalone headsets

The secret to Google’s VR plans could be energy-efficient chips with motion detection.

google cardboard gettingstarted lead

Google's rumored VR headset sounds a lot like Samsung’s

Google VR gets serious in 2016 with a rumored plastic headset and “Android VR” software.

hand holding wireless smartphone with city lights in background

7 exciting smartphone trends to watch in 2016: VR, super-fast LTE, and more

Smartphones this year are poised to become more interactive, more fun and maybe a little bit smarter than you’d like them to be.


YouTube may get live 360-degree videos

The next time you watch a concert or other live event online, it could give you a 360-degree view.

samsung project beyond 3d camera 1

Report: Samsung Gear 360 VR camera to accompany Galaxy S7 launch

Samsung's head-first jump into virtual reality continues with a new gadget that could help fill the VR content gap.

oculus crescent bay hands on demo

New job listings hint at Google building its own VR hardware

Google Cardboard may have been just the beginning of the company's foray into virtual reality.


Samsung's opening a New York studio dedicated to creating virtual reality experiences

Samsung is getting into the content creation game in a big way in 2016 as the virtual reality scene heats up.

cardboard attenborough

Sir David Attenborough narrates Google’s latest virtual reality Expedition

Google’s education-focused virtual reality program is rapidly expanding worldwide, and now it includes two new places to explore.

homido vr

Homido turns just about any smartphone into a VR headset

Don't like Google Cardboard, or don't have the hardware for Gear VR? Here's another immersive alternative.

spotlightstories specialdelivery

Follow Santa's hijinks in Google's latest interactive Spotlight Story

The short animated film is available on YouTube, and you can watch it with Cardboard.


Google's Cardboard Camera lets you create your own VR panoramas

The app makes it easy to make a stereoscopic 3D rendering of your environment, and then view it with Cardboard.

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