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rogue apps primary

Five tools for finding, taming, and eliminating rogue apps and files

Analyze your device to identify which apps and files are hogging your space, battery, data, and time.

verify apps primary

Google beefs up app verification with constant monitoring

Google's built-in app verification used to only scan as you installed apps, now it works all the time.

aviate primary

Tired of tweaking your home screen? Aviate wants to do the thinking for you

By making different apps readily available based on time of day and location, Aviate seeks to make your home screen smarter.

golocker primary

Give your lock screen a makeover with GO Locker

You don’t have to be stuck with whatever came with your phone.

cyanogen rebrand

Cyanogen says its updated look doesn't mean abandoning its core users

In a chat with Cyanogen's Abhisek Devkota, we learn why the popular ROM makers decided to rebrand itself.

android battery primary

How to fix your Android phone’s terrible battery life

Stop worrying about your battery dying every day, and do something about it!

android in car primary

CarPlay can wait: How to get Android set up in your car today

You don't need to wait on car manufacturers to integrate mobile tech, you can get it all now with the right apps and accessories.


Hands on with Dragon's new Voice Print feature

Building on Dragon Mobile Assistant's wake-up phrase, the Android app can now open your phone at the sound of (only) your voice.

androidusb primary

Unlock your Android device's potential with the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

All the really, cool stuff you can do with your Android phone requires connecting to it as developers do, with ADB.

noled lights

Customize Android notification alerts, even without a dedicated light

No LED? No problem! There are other ways for your phone to grab your attention.

notification led light primary

Use Light Manager for complete control over your notification light

Ain’t no party like a pretty, colorful, custom notification light party.


S Tools+ keeps you tuned in to what's going on under the hood

The app is commonly referred to as the "Swiss Army knife of apps" because of its many useful monitoring features.

google wallet card primary

The Google Wallet card can be your free, reloadable, prepaid debit card

With Google's little plastic rectangle, you can kind-of sort-of pay with your phone anywhere.

businessapps primary

Get more done with these 10 great Android business apps

You may not be able to do all your business work with just your Android smartphone alone, but with the right apps you can come mighty close.

opera max idge primary

Data-saving Opera Max for Android enters public beta

Opera's data compression app for Android is now available to anyone in the U.S. that wants to try it, but you may have to wait to start using it.

android file managers primary

Get your phone under control with one of these free file manager apps

Google hides Android's filesystem, but these apps can help you sniff out those secretive folders and gain greater control over your phone.

Girl with leather jacket wearing Google Glass

Google Glass traffic school

A driver gets pulled over and cited for using Google Glass while driving. But are phones and wearables like Glass fundamental no-go areas for drivers, or could they actually improve driver safety?


Type faster with a better Android keyboard

Frustrated by the keyboard on your phone? We found four alternatives that improve on the status quo.


Build your own Android apps without code using Tasker

If you can think of an action or series of actions that almost any Android device can do--get the location, call or text this number, change a setting, pop up an alert with some information--then you can turn it into an app with...

photo backup dropbox

3 ways to automatically back up your Android photos

Don't run the risk of losing the magic moments you've captured with your phone's camera.

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