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Google Now reminders gets 'occasional' option

Google Now recently added an option to reminders that lets you send notifications to your future self occasionally.


Google Docs and Sheets updates bring a wealth of features, including Word and Excel compatibility

With a new UI, Android L support, and many other features in tow, the new Docs and Sheets app will let you take care of business on the go like never before.

quickoffice logo

Google quietly announces plan to kill Quickoffice apps after beefing up Drive's editing

With Google's own productivity apps doing almost everything that Quickoffice does, the search giant is retiring its Office-compatible mobile apps.

android l enhanced notifications

12 Android L features that will help or hinder your portable productivity

Google's Android L: Making you more (and less) productiveThis week at Google's I/O conference in San Francisco, Google executives outlined Google L: the company's next iteration in its line of Android operating systems.Android L...

google io android l work

Android for Work and Office integration let you get down to business

From app data separation and security enhancements to native QuickOffice editing within apps

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Microsoft releases pre-release Outlook Web App for Android

Nearly a year after landing on iOS, Office 365 business users can try out a pre-release build of a native Outlook Web App for Android.

google drive app docs

Google launches stand-alone Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps

After bringing its Google Apps apps into its Drive cloud storage, Google has decided to separate them again.

chrome remote android sample

Hands-on: Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android makes remote PC access easy

Remote desktop software is normally a pain in the butt. The new Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android isn't—and it's free.

gmail update

Gmail update lets you easily attach Google+ photos

You can privately share albums with family, too.


Hands on with Carousel for Dropbox, your new mobile photo hub

Dropbox's new photo service is almost exactly like your phone's native photo app--only better.

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Mailbox finally available for Android, adds auto-swipe feature

The elegant mail app that took the iOS community by storm last year is now on Android.

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Microsoft Office Mobile for Android is now free

With the launch of Office for iPad, Microsoft removes the Office 365 requirement from Office for Android.

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Google Now rolls out to desktop versions of Chrome, and it's a two-way system

Google Now cards can appear in your desktop browser, and desktop Google searches will spawn cards on your Android phone.


Evernote for Android lets you add handwriting to your notes

Notebooks just got more notebook-like, though you'll want to hold off on digitally handwriting everything just yet.

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Hands on with HeadsUp, the latest meeting feature for Cal by Any.Do

HeadsUp adds robust task-management tools to the already awesome Cal app for Android.

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Get more done with these 10 great Android business apps

You may not be able to do all your business work with just your Android smartphone alone, but with the right apps you can come mighty close.

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Report: Malware-infected Android apps spike in the Google Play store

Where's My Droid and Speed Night were cited as the most downloaded malicious apps.

lync for android

Microsoft makes Skype and Lync more compatible, adds Lync for Android tablets

Microsoft will open its SharePoint conference in Las Vegas by revealing updates to its Lync service as well as better communication between Lync and Skype.

dolphinbrowser primary

Android browsers come of age

After several years of teething pains, Android’s bumper browser crop yields an embarrassment of riches

android at work

10 Tips for mixing business with pleasure on your Android device

No one wants to carry around multiple devices, but using your personal devices for work raises a host of concerns.

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