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Moto 360 Ambient Screen

Android update roundup: newest Android Wear features coming to Moto 360

One of the most popular Android Wear watches will soon have interactive screens and other new tricks.

moto 360 leak

Next Moto 360 may come in two different models, according to leaked pics

The tweaks look to be relatively minor, but two versions could have broader appeal.

flo testing watches

10 reasons a smartwatch is absolutely essential

Smartwatches are as game-changing as mobile phones! Or the Internet! Or sliced bread!


Moto 360 2 could solve Android Wear’s size problem

The Moto 360 2 may include small and large variants, though the “flat tire” circular screen probably isn’t going away.

parrot auto system

Parrot backs off plan to sell Android Auto, CarPlay systems to consumers

The advanced 'infotainment' units will instead be sold directly to to auto manufacturers.

android profile pic lollipop

How to change your profile photo in Android Lollipop

Follow these simple steps to add a different image to your profile on an Android Lollipop phone or tablet.

htcgrip 8250

HTC cancels its first wearable fitness band, the Grip

Apparently, the company plans to dust itself off and try its hand at the wearable space later this year.


The best Pebble fitness app just got better for Android users

Misfit's step counter and sleep tracking can now sync with Android phones, though support for the Pebble Time's color screen is still missing.


Android Wear may get interactive watch faces for even faster info

Google's smartwatch software could undergo even more interface changes, with greater emphasis on customization.

fitbit flex colors

Can your wearable's sucky battery life be saved? Maybe by streaming to a smartphone

Microsoft Research believes that the key to extending wearable battery life is eliminating writing data to and from flash memory, using a system called WearDrive.

theselfie stick

Disney gets sick of selfie sticks, bans them from its parks

The ban takes effect at Disneyland and Disney World—and at Disney's Paris and Hong Kong locations—next week.

google wearable

Google wristband could give doctors constant stream of patient data

The device is designed for use in medical settings and won't be geared toward consumers looking to track fitness activities.

huawei watch android wear 03

Huawei delays its Android Wear watch to Q3, hints at design tweaks

The Chinese firm remains committed to Google's Android Wear platform, despite earlier reports to the contrary.

neopen 9190

Neo N2 Smartpen review: A neat digital tool for analog writers

The Neo N2 does a good job at taking digital notes, but it’s lacking some extraordinary features to make it worth its high price tag.

sony xperia z4v

Sony announces the Xperia Z4v, coming to Verizon this summer

It supports Sony's Remote Play feature, which lets you play full versions of PS4 titles when connected to the console over Wi-Fi.

razer OSVR HMD

Razer's open source virtual reality project now supports Android devices

The newest 'hacker development kit' adds in IR positional tracking, which better responds to your movement for a more immersive experience.

chrome for android

How to re-enable Chrome tabs in Android Lollipop

If you would rather keep tabs together instead of seeing them broken out as separate apps, then here's what you need to do.

google cardboard gettingstarted lead

Adult Swim is giving away a Google Cardboard Viewer to anyone who sends in a fax

If you're willing to wade through some 1980s technology then you too can turn your Android phone into a virtual reality device.


Blocks Wearables' nifty modular smartwatch looks less like vaporware now

With more realistic design goals, a new prototype, and Android-based software, Blocks' smartwatch could become a real product after all.


ZenWatch 2 from Asus could last four days on one charge

The latest ZenWatch has an optional case back that could give it another half-day of power

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