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photo gallery apps

The best gallery app alternatives for Android

You can do more than the default camera roll that ships with your phone, as these apps can mine hidden gems or handle backup to multiple cloud services at once.

m9 tips primary

10 tips and tricks to get the most out of your HTC One M9

Make the One M9's great version of Android work even better.

LG g4 hand

LG G4 review: Killer camera, killer display, but not a revolutionary smartphone

With awesome manual camera settings and a removable battery, the LG G4 is one of the best phones of the year. It's packed with great features, but has LG done quite enough to match Samsung's best?

android lollipop nexus 9

Android 5.1 comes to the Nexus 9, leading this week's Android device update roundup

Dell's newest Venue tablet and a couple of Sony Xperia phones are also finally getting their turn at getting Lollipop.


Google's essential tips for how to keep your Android phone safe

A helping of essential tips from the company's own lead security engineer, Adrian Ludwig.


Alcatel Idol 3 review: Not a bad phone for not a lot of cash

At $250 unlocked, the Idol 3 costs less than half the price of a high-end smartphone. But it's not half-bad.

lollipopscreen pinning primary

Lock your phone to a single app with Lollipop’s screen pinning

Lollipop's screen pinning feature can help keep your young kids from wreaking havoc on your phone. And it takes just a few moments to set up.

gs6 benchmarkhead

Samsung promises fixes to RAM management bugs on Galaxy S6

Some owners are seeing apps crash and other performance problems on Samsung's latest flagship device.

thelist new emoji primary

10 new emojis Android users need

Android needs to step up its emoji game with these Android-specific emoji.

HTC one m9

HTC One M9 camera update brings RAW image support

The photo-friendly HTC One M8 Eye also gets some love with a few new features tucked into the latest version.

lgg4 8989

Spec showdown: LG G4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6

The high-end smartphone battle is getting even more interesting with the launch of LG's latest model


Five reasons the LG G4 should have HTC worried

With the LG G4's killer new features, the One M9 may not have a fighting chance as the premium alternative to Samsung's phones.

lgg4 8989

Meet the LG G4: Clad in leather and sporting an impressive camera

LG’s betting on a sophisticated camera and a Snapdragon 808 processor to reel you in to its new flagship device.


6 things we already know about the LG G4

There are a ton of rumors out there, though only a fraction have a bit of truth to them.

htc one M9 hero

HTC One M9 camera update for AT&T, T-Mobile leads this week's Android upate roundup

Android 5.1.1 is also beginning to creep into the open, first showing up on the Android TV-powered Nexus Player.

killer android features android secret

11 killer Android features you aren’t using, but should

You love Android—but how well do you really know Android? These power user tips dig deep into your system's hidden crannies, and surface super-cool features you can really use.

facebook hello android app 1

Facebook launches Hello, aims to replace your Android phone's dialer

It ties your contacts and phone calls more deeply to Facebook, while promising freedom to block unwanted phone calls.

Report: Nokia may return with Android phones in 2016

The company may also be eyeing other consumer technology products, like virtual reality.

huawei device usa zhiqiang xu fixed

Huawei president Zhiqiang Xu details plans to become a top three U.S. phone brand

Third place is a lofty goal, but Mr. Xu is confident that this year is the right time for Huawei to make its grand entrance into the U.S. smartphone market.

sony xperia z4

Sony's flagship Xperia Z4 phone quietly announced

The Sony Xperia Z4 smartphone will be available in Japan in the summer.

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