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dolphinbrowser primary

Android browsers come of age

After several years of teething pains, Android’s bumper browser crop yields an embarrassment of riches

HTTPS Everywhere makes Firefox for Android more secure

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's add-on forces websites to use HTTPS encryption whenever possible.

chrome for android

New mobile Chrome feature can cut your data usage by up to half

The new versions of Chrome for Mobile will be available in the next few days

mozillafirefox android

Mozilla makes the Firefox home screen official for Android users

The mobile browser is not only out of beta, but it's also optimized for Intel x68-based devices, too.

Google packs Chrome Beta for Android with a slew of new features

Google adds better gesture navigation, easier search by image functionality, support for WebGL, and a few other goodies.

Google's latest Android browser promises faster surfing

Faster Web browsing and lower data use might be on the cards for Android mobile phone users if they download a new version of the Chrome Web browser offered by Google.

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