Five to Try: Digit smartly saves your spare dollars, and Badland 2 soars anew on Android

Here's what you need to check out on the Play Store this week.

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We might be months away from New Year’s resolutions, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait until January to start getting smart about saving money. In fact, that’s exactly what Digit is designed to do—with minimal hassle on your end, since it gradually pulls money from your checking account. It’s one of the most interesting new apps on the Play Store this week, but it’s not alone. 

Also worth a look this week are atmospheric action sequel Badland 2, the TV episodes and games of the official Nick Jr. app, the free companion app for World of Warcraft: Legion, and the amusing He-Man: Tappers of Grayskull. Snag a few fresh apps before the weekend arrives and see what sticks. Enjoy!


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Digit uses a chat-like interface, but behind the silly GIFs is serious saving.

Saving a substantial amount of money can be difficult, assuming you even have the cash to spare. You might not be able to make big deposits into an account, but even finding little windows in which to make smaller contributions (if you even remember) can be tricky. That’s exactly why Digit was created. 

Coming over to Android this week after a successful iOS run, Digit links to your bank account and gradually pulls small sums of cash into its own savings account. It analyzes your account activity and works from there, transferring amounts in the range of $2 to $17 every couple days—but it won’t overdraft your account if you’re running tight. There are no fees or minimums, you can withdraw the saved money at any time, and it’s all FDIC insured. If putting aside cash is a hassle, Digit can automate the process for you, bit by bit.

Badland 2

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Like the original, Badland 2 is a gorgeous-looking game.

We’re fans of the original Badland here at Greenbot, calling it one of the best one-handed Android games as well as one of the best Android TV games that doesn’t need a gamepad. That’s why we were excited to see the side-scrolling floater—in which you guide your little hero through hazard-laden terrain amidst stark and beautiful backdrops—get a sequel with Badland 2. Unfortunately, the version that soft-launched in some territories this summer was packed with ads and in-app purchase prompts not seen in the premium iOS game. 

Well, Badland 2 has just officially launched on Android, and while the lengthy video ads are still pretty prevalent, at least now you can pay $4 to unlock all the content and kill the ads. Badland 2 is a big expansion of the original concept, adding more challenge and level diversity while keeping everything that made the first game so memorable. Grab it free, and if you dig it, definitely spend the cash within to spare the annoyance of ads.

Nick Jr.

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Yes, parents: There are hundreds of episodes to unlock via your cable/satellite login.

If you have a young kid at home, then you’re probably already familiar with Nick Jr. and its current stable of shows like Paw Patrol, Shimmer & Shine, and Blaze and the Monster Machines—and now there’s an Android app dedicated to those shows and more. 

The official Nick Jr. app offers free ad-supported episodes of various shows, including those above and others like Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Mutt and Stuff, plus there are free (albeit very simple) games based on some of the shows. Logging in with a cable or satellite subscription unlocks hundreds more episodes across the various properties, making this an ideal on-the-go app for when boredom strikes… or a temporary distraction is needed.

World of Warcraft: Legion Companion

fivetotry sept9 wowlegion

Azeroth is only a tap away with the Legion Companion.

Twelve years after its debut, PC/Mac online sensation World of Warcraft continues to enthrall millions of players, although subscriber numbers have gradually dipped over time. Luckily, the brand-new Legion expansion has been widely hailed as the best in years, and it is renewing excitement around Blizzard’s role-playing time sink. If you plan on exploring the Broken Isles in Legion, make sure you grab the official Legion Companion app.

Released this week, the app lets you keep tabs on your game wherever you are, letting you browse through the world, follow quests, begin missions, and manage recruits and followers. While not the full World of Warcraft experience on your phone, certainly, it lets you stay connected to the immersive world even when you’re stuck at work or on your commute (screengrab via YouTube).

He-Man: Tappers of Grayskull

fivetotry sept9 heman

A slick art style keeps this old-school franchise revival from feeling old.

Seeing a new He-Man game hit the Play Store in 2016 might seem a bit odd, but Tappers of Grayskull is actually a pretty amusing and savvy take on the tapper/clicker genre. Essentially, it’s thin on in-depth gameplay but heavy on fan service: You’ll battle an array of enemies and more notable boss characters simply by tapping the screen repeatedly, but this becomes gradually more interesting over time.

Why? Because of all the upgrades and perks you earn along the way, allowing you to boost He-Man’s skills with earned coins and recruit familiar allies from the franchise. As a result, enemies fall more quickly, bigger baddies emerge, and the screen ultimately fills with heroes fighting the good fight on your behalf. It’s colorful and well-animated, and it’s breezy fun for fans: Play for a few minutes a day and avoid the in-app purchases, and you’ll probably crack a smile.

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