Android Influencer: Tim Schofield's YouTube channel is all about simplifying Android

He's known as QBKIng77 on YouTube and he's helped make even the hardest of Android tasks easy enough for anyone to attempt.

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What does it take to run a successful YouTube channel? Quite a bit of juggling, and that’s something Tim Schofield—also known as QBKing77—knows plenty about.

Schofield’s been making a living filming Android-centric how-to and review videos for his YouTube channel, Your Tech Simplified, since 2011. His channel has over 200,000 subscribers and 54 million views. He’s also known for doing a ton of giveaways and helping newcomers learn the basics of their Android devices, like rooting or installing a custom ROM. We talked to Schofield to learn about about his process of making videos and why he stuck with the name QBKing77.

Greenbot: What inspired you to start making videos about Android devices? 

Schofield: I loved to make modifications on Android devices, so I would learn how to root devices. I noticed many people needed help with the somewhat complicated process, so I started making tutorial videos to help these people out. The videos became popular and everyone wanted more, so it just kept growing! Along with tutorials, I have branched out to reviews, un-boxings, and other fun tech videos.

Greenbot: Do you have any official video training?

Schofield: I actually don’t have any training when it comes to shooting or editing video. Everything has been self-taught and I still have a lot to learn. 

Greenbot: How do you decide what kind of video to make? 

Schofield: My inspiration definitely comes from the many tech YouTube videos I have watched throughout the years. I would always want to see something that wasn’t shown in a specific video so I just started to include these things in my videos. Essentially, I like to make videos that I would want to watch in the most clear and concise way possible. 

Greenbot: What’s your recording and editing process like?

Schofield: Generally, I will write down bullet points of things I would like to talk about. I’ll shoot the video with audio first, and then afterwards shoot B-roll and do some voice over work. I’ll throw all my files into the editor (Currently using Adobe Premiere Pro) and make a video!

Greenbot: What’s the meaning behind the name QBKing77? 

Schofield: This was a username I made back in 2007 to play Madden Online. I created my YouTube account with the exact same name and just started to upload those tutorial videos on the channel. I thought about changing the username, but a lot of people know me by that name so I’ve stuck with it up until this point. 

Greenbot: How many videos do you do a week?

Schofield: The amount of videos I do every week usually varies depending on how busy the tech community is, and how busy my personal schedule is. I like to keep it at a minimum of two videos per week, but sometimes it gets up to 5-6 videos in a week. 

Greenbot: Did you find it challenging to make YouTube a full time job?

Schofield: My junior and senior year of college was pretty difficult. I was trying to balance school work, golf (I was on the golf team), and YouTube. There were a few gaps in time when I had absolutely no time to make any videos at all. After I graduated, I had much more time to completely focus on YouTube and have since made it my full time job.

Greenbot: How did you feel the Android community received you when you started making videos?

Schofield: Many people were grateful that I put some complicated processes in simple, visual terms that allowed them to enjoy their Android devices even more. 

Greenbot: How long have you been an Android user? 

Schofield: I have been an Android user since 2011. My first Android device was the Epic 4G which was a part of the first Samsung Galaxy S line. 

Greenbot: What phone are you using these days? 

Schofield: I’m currently using a Nexus 6P as my daily driver which I’ve been very happy with! Although it does change all the time depending on which video I’m making a review for. 

Greenbot: What is one app you absolutely cannot live without?

Schofield: Can’t live without Relay for Reddit. So clean and functional. 

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