The Guardian Project brings ultra-secure Tor browser to Android

The Orfox alpha release is built for desktop-capable browsing with all the security features of Tor.

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Jason Cross

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The Guardian Project, which has backed previous efforts to put the Tor browser on Android, is back with what could be the best option yet.

The newest project is Orfox, is based on the same code base as Mozilla’s Firefox. Because it shares code with a desktop browser, it should be a more capable browser than a previous effort that uses WebView, which is typically designed for a one-time view of a webpage inside a mobile app.

tor browser android The Guardian Project

The Orfox browser is designed for the private browsing capabilities of the Tor project.

If you want to try it out, head to The Guardian Project’s site and follow the instructions (there are several steps). You’ll need to know how to sideload software and be willing to put up with some bugs, but if you’re up for that then give it a try.

Why this matters: Tor enables anonymous browsing so that there’s no trace of your Internet history or location. It’s become quite popular given how much web browsers, Internet services, and the feds tap into user data for tracking and other purposes. Even if your browsing interests are rather sublime, it’s worth paying attention to the evolving nature of Internet privacy and security. 

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