Samsung hints at Galaxy S6 support for multiple wireless charging standards

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The Galaxy S6 may work with multiple wireless charging formats, eliminating the frustration in finding one that is compatible with your phone.

A Samsung blog post details that the company is working with the three major wireless charging backers, pledging to “democratize this wireless charging technology with compelling smartphones.”

While that’s already a solid piece of evidence that the Galaxy S6 may support several major wireless charging standards, the latest GS6 teaser video adds in another hint. At the end of the short clip where “The Next Galaxy” speaks in first person, a large lightning bolt icon flashes on the screen.

Such a feature is a big deal: Wireless charging is currently a fractured mess. There are three major competing standards. You have the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and its Qi standard, the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), and the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). 

The latter two have signed an agreement to work together more closely, but even that would leave us with two different standards. Should Samsung be able to produce a phone that’s nearly universal in its ability to handle wireless charging, it could be the first of many, with competitors rushing in to keep pace.

Why this matters: Wireless charging is something that ought to work seamlessly, but right now it just doesn’t. Because Samsung cranks out so much popular hardware, it could be the right company to bust through the fragmentation and deliver a phone that charges wirelessly with ease. We’ll get to see the Galaxy S6 up front when the company unveils it March 1 in Barcelona and test out if Samsung can deliver on its promises.

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