10 battery life crisis moments all Android users will understand

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No matter how big your Android phone’s battery is, it will never be big enough. 

We’ve all had that moment—usually when we’ve been out all night, taking tons of Instagram-worthy party photos—when we realize, “Oh yeah, I should’ve charged my phone before heading out. What was I thinking, that 78 percent would be fine for the whole night?!”

Or that moment when our battery life starts rapidly deteriorating after it hits 50 percent, because, oh yeah, this phone is three years old. Android user? Here are 10 battery life crisis moments I guarantee you’ve had.

You realize Task Killers actually do nothing to help your battery life

1 youliedtome

You can kill background apps by launching the recent apps menu, finding the apps you want to stop, and swiping them to the right. That probably won’t do much to improve your battery life, though.

You check the battery menu and discover Sims FreePlay is sucking almost as much power as your screen

2 batterymenu
2 oops

Yeah, um, maybe I’m playing this one game too much. Way too much.

Your friend has an extra charging cable...an extra iPhone charging cable

3 youraisedmyhopes

Thanks for that. You’re not a real friend!

You have to stop playing your favorite game...but your favorite game is a time-management game

4 cropsdie

Maybe if all those free-to-play games didn’t force me to trade off time vs. money...

You turn off your cellular radio in an effort to preserve battery life...and then you miss an important call

5 areyoustupid

Oh, right...this is a phone...and I just turned off all of its phone capabilities.

You turn off your location services and then try to use Google Maps

6 imdoingawesome

I don’t need you, Google Maps! I know where I am!

Your phone automatically shuts off the camera flash to save battery life

7 photonoflash

How else am I going to document this awesome time I’m having in a dimly lit club?

When an “expert” suggests you turn off Live Wallpaper

8 duh

What? I never would have considered that brilliant idea! Oh wait, yes I would, I turned that off four years ago.

Your backup battery is dead (or you don’t have one)

9 battery retry

What good is a phone with a replaceable battery if you never replace it?

You go on an app-deleting spree, but still can’t find the one that’s sucking your battery dry

10 whereareyou

Where are you, demon app?!

...and when your phone finally turns back on

11 pugblindedbylight
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