PushBullet adds universal copy and paste across Windows, Android

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PushBullet is a rather useful app. It displays the notifications from your Android phone or tablet on your desktop, and lets you "push" links or messages from one to the other. The newest update is especially helpful for those with a Windows PC, as text copied on the desktop can be pasted to your Android device.

The new feature is available with the version 14.7 update to those who have installed the PushBullet software on Windows. The team says it is working to bring this same functionality to the Mac. There are also Chrome and Firefox extensions, but neither of those support the feature.

PushBullet's Ryan Oldenburg demos the feature in a video, copying a web link and pasting it into WhatsApp. 

This could be a pretty powerful feature, especially for anyone who frequently uses two-step authentication codes when logging into accounts or want to share content they find online with others through their phone. 

The full PushBullet changelog lists the following:

  • Copy text on one of your devices (or computers) and paste it on a different one.
  • Copy links on your PC and paste them into WhatsApp or text messages
  • Copy two-factor auth codes on your phone and paste them on your computer
  • And so many more uses
  • Currently works with Android devices and Windows computers via the Pushbullet Windows app (our browser extensions aren't able to offer this feature).
  • More supported platforms coming ASAP!

For more about Pushbullet, check out our interview with Ryan Oldenburg.

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