The totally excellent Threes! is now available on Android

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Look, we don't often make a post about a new iOS game making its way to Android. It happens all the time; it's not exactly news. But Threes! is different. Threes! is not your average mobile game. There's a reason our cohorts at Macworld gave it five stars (well, mice), while the rest of the world was in the middle of a serious Flappy Bird addiction.

And now, Threes! is available in the Google Play store for your Android device, as announced by the official twitter account.

In Threes!, you slide a field of cards left, right, up, and down. If another card is in the way, that row/column won't move. If a card has the same number, they combine and double up. When there are no more moves to make, the game is over, and you earn points for the cards you have managed to combine to high values.


It sounds simple, and it is, but it's also ferociously addictive and clever. You'll find yourself unable to stop without "just one more game", and looking up from your phone to realize that the quick game break you planned on has suddenly become an hour of wasted time.

It's two bucks on Google Play, and it's totally worth it.

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