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White Paper | Presented by Cisco

5 Business trends that will change the way your team works together.

There's nothing like the feeling of having people from across your business collaborate to generate a creative idea and then fan it out throughout the organization. But these moments of inspiration and agility don't come often-and they're getting harder to achieve.

White Paper | Presented by NaviSite

Quick Tips - Why Choose a Managed Service for Microsoft Azure®: 6 Reasons to Take a Close Look at Navisite

If you are an enterprise that's serious about the cloud, Microsoft Azure is likely on your radar. Azure is today's fastest growing cloud platform and given that momentum-plus Microsoft's scale, capacity for innovation and entrenched position in the IT world-it's currently a favorite for becoming the leading cloud choice among CIOs.

White Paper | Presented by NaviSite

Service Brief - Managed Cloud Infrastructure

As an experienced, managed multi-cloud provider, Navisite offers two unique Managed Cloud platforms to choose from: Managed NaviCloud® and Managed Azure®. Navisite's Managed NaviCloud platform leverages VMware's powerful hypervisor and is designed to integrate with our wider portfolio of managed services offerings.

White Paper | Presented by NaviSite

Tech Brief: Managed Azure

With Managed Azure, customers benefit from the union of 24/7/365 expert cloud monitoring and management by Navisite and an Azure environment provisioned into one of Microsoft's data centers. Azure is designed for rapid scaling of cloud native applications (apps) and to support integration with other Microsoft solutions. .

White Paper | Presented by NaviSite

When is a Managed Cloud Provider Right for Your Business? 5 Smart Questions to Ask

Cloud is now baked into the way every company does business, for data storage, web hosting and much more. What's the most efficient, cost-effective way for your company to support the cloud? What are the pros and cons of keeping cloud management in-house vs. outsourcing? Find out by exploring five key questions encompassing security, personnel deployment, technical support, ease of use and control.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

3 work styles that might be hurting your business

Your team needs reliable, secure platforms to get work done. Here is a checklist to identify the ways technology could be making your team less productive. How many apply to your business?

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

Online Team Collaboration: Reaching New Levels With an All-In-One Platform

With today's stratified business communications, small to midsize companies face challenges as they try to modernize their online collaboration workflows. They're frequently stitching together discrete, ad hoc communications tools to perform a variety of team-based tasks, but the limitations of this approach quickly become apparent as projects grow more complex.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

Teamwork reimagined: A virtual space to create, share, and do.

Like any high-tech transformation, the mobile workforce presents several challenges. You may be managing a variety of applications that lack the interoperability, centralized accessibility, and security you need.

When Concrete and Steel Meet Sensors and Signals: How a Mobile Workforce Can Make it All Work

CBS Interactive is proud to present "When concrete and steel meet sensors and signals: How a mobile workforce can make it all work," a detailed and informative white paper about equipping a mobile workforce to maintain the digital elements of critical infrastructure.

Case Study | Presented by IDG

IDG CSMB Personal Cloud Research Study

IDG CSMB conducted research on the use of Personal Cloud Use. Here is a 360 degree approach to understand the current personal cloud landscape in the U.S.

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