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White Paper | Presented by Cisco

Ransomware Defense Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you have everything covered to prevent a future ransomware attack.

eBook | Presented by Cisco

Ransomware Defense For Dummies

Defending your organization's data against ransomware is more critical than ever. But where do you start? Lots of questions come to mind. We've got the answers.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

2016 Midyear Security Report

In this report, we examine the many ways organizations can and should take action to start improving their defenses.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

5 ways your network can accelerate digital transformation

What differentiates leaders today? They make technology strategy the prime mover of business strategy- so they can innovate quickly and consistently. Here's how Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (DNA) makes it possible.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

Behavior-Based Application Insight: Helping You Understand What's Running in Your Data Center White Paper

The modern data center has evolved in a brief period of time into the complex environments seen today, with extremely fast, high-density switching pushing large volumes of traffic, and multiple layers of virtualization and overlays. The result is a highly abstract network that can be difficult to secure, monitor, and troubleshoot.

eBook | Presented by Cisco

Big Data & Analytics for Dummies

Big Data & Analytics for Dummies, Cisco Systems Special Edition, is a guide to the rapidly evolving fields of big data management and data science.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Big Data and Analytics

The world of data as we know it is changing. Businesses and their leaders are trying to figure out how to best use the massive amounts of data being generated in their businesses.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Cybersecurity Pocket Guide 2016

The most effective way to confront this dynamic threat landscape is to make security as pervasive as the Internet of Everything itself - extending to wherever employees are and wherever data is - to include Security Everywhere.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco Edge Analytics Fabric System

This white paper describes a software system that provides the framework for the Internet of Things (IoT). It<br/>dramatically simplifies the task of creating sophisticated IoT systems.

White Paper | Presented by Cisco

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for SAP HANA Design Guide

Organizations in every industry are generating and using more data than ever before; from customer transactions and supplier delivery considerations to real-time user-consumption statistics. Without scalable infrastructure that can store, process, and analyze big data sets in real time, companies are unable to use this information to their advantage.

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