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eBook | Presented by Cisco

Ransomware Defense For Dummies

Defending your organization's data against ransomware is more critical than ever. But where do you start? Lots of questions come to mind. We've got the answers.

eBook | Presented by LogMeIn

5 Trends Impacting Customer Engagement and Support

This eBook explores the five key trends driving customer engagement strategies across large enterprise organizations today, and reveals how you can achieve your business goals by winning the hearts and minds of today's connected customers.

eBook | Presented by Nutanix

Enterprise Cloud for Dummies

Propel your organization to a new era of IT infrastructure. This ebook explains how leading organizations are moving beyond hyperconvergence to an enterprise cloud strategy, bringing the benefits of the public cloud to their own datacenters.

eBook | Presented by Atlassian

Long-term agile planning with JIRA Software and Portfolio for JIRA

The benefits of agile software development, like high-quality code and faster release cycles, are well known. But agile methodologies can be mistaken as an 'ad-hoc' approach to working; most agile teams limit planning to the immediate future, like what are we doing in the next sprint?

eBook | Presented by Cisco

Big Data & Analytics for Dummies

Big Data & Analytics for Dummies, Cisco Systems Special Edition, is a guide to the rapidly evolving fields of big data management and data science.

eBook | Presented by Cisco

Getting Started with DevOps Automation eBook

At a high level, we're describing automation that cloud and APIs enable, and at a low level, we're describing the outcome of adopting a DevOps mentality and the associated tools. This eBook will look at to get you started down the right path.

eBook | Presented by Thales

Vormetric Digital Digest on Data Security eBook

Enterprises must earn their customers' trust. Customers judge your reputation and ability to make their experience frictionless and secure. Just one security incident can cause damage. Secure your data. Secure your future. Check out this eBook and help define your security narrative.

eBook | Presented by Oracle

Social Collaboration for Dummies

This eBook shows you what social collaboration within an organization is, how you can use curated social collaboration to benefit your organization, and how HR can make social collaboration into a powerful tool.

eBook | Presented by Cisco

Ransomware: What every healthcare organization needs to know

Get the essentials on ransomware attacks facing the healthcare industry - including how they work, why they're so malicious, and the best way to protect your organization.

eBook | Presented by NetApp

All-Flash Storage For Dummies, NetApp Special Edition

The book examines various elements of all-flash storage: how it evolved, and why you should now consider it for all of your primary applications. You get acquainted with the NetApp portfolio of all-flash storage solutions and learn how each is designed to meet the needs of a specific type of application environment.

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