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eBook | Presented by Citrix

SD-WAN: A Simplified Network for Distributed Enterprises

Companies are looking for cost-effective solutions that simplify operations. A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) integrates with your existing WAN architecture to streamline management and improve network efficiency. SD-WAN transfers network monitoring and management from physical devices to a central controller, allowing network managers to configure and control traffic based on centralized security policies and rules.

eBook | Presented by Citrix

The 6 Essential Requirements for Managing ADCs in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Having a local data center gives you full control over your infrastructure, but adding capacity takes massive amounts of time and money. Conversely, a cloud-based data center offers unlimited infrastructure on-demand on a pay-for-use basis, making it an attractive option. However, most organizations today can't just rely on one or the other.

eBook | Presented by Citrix

The Definitive Guide to Selecting the Right ADC for the Digital Transformation Era

This eBook will focus on considerations that you should make when deciding on an ADC solution that can not only survive these changes, but help create opportunities for innovation as the enterprise strives towards digital transformation. This guide will help you understand the changes that are currently underway, and enable you to invest with confidence as you plan your application delivery strategy for the next five-year cycle.

eBook | Presented by Oracle

Four Ways to Build a Talent Magnet Organization

The talent landscape is more crowded than ever! Discover the keys to building a magnetic culture that attracts and retains top talent in tough markets. Read more.

eBook | Presented by Oracle

Social Collaboration for Dummies

This eBook shows you what social collaboration within an organization is, how you can use curated social collaboration to benefit your organization, and how HR can make social collaboration into a powerful tool.

eBook | Presented by Oracle

The Chemistry of High Performance: Finding People

Understanding the similarities between how marketers approach customers and how recruiters attract candidates is key to attracting and hiring an engaged workforce. Read more.

eBook | Presented by Pivotal

Cloud-Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry [Preview Edition]

Any framework these days can be used to standup a simple REST endpoint, but a simple REST endpoint does not a productionworthy service make. When we say that an application is cloud native, it means that it is designed to thrive in a cloud-based production environment.

eBook | Presented by Cisco

eBook Programmability and Automations with Open NX-OS

This book explores Open NX-OS and many of the tools and options it provides. The chapters below examine the drivers for net work automation, the fundamental supporting technologies, and the many new capabilities now avail able to net work infrastructures. Real-world use cases are provided that can be immediately utilized for a successful transition to more efficient, safer, repeat able operations.

eBook | Presented by NetApp

Nine Reasons Why NetApp ONTAP Flash Storage is the Smart Choice for Business

This eBook discusses nine specific areas where NetApp ONTAP flash storage systems enable business breakthroughs. Topics include nondisruptive operations, cost economies, business agility, and providing a bridge to the hybrid cloud.

eBook | Presented by Riverbed

Architecting for Application Performance in the Hybrid Enterprise

This eBook on hybrid enterprise and performance management talks about the three key challenges of performance management in today's hybrid enterprise: 1) lack of visibility 2) poor performance 3) limited control. It also suggests ways to regain control of the hybrid enterprise.

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