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eBook | Presented by Google

Google Next 2017 Keybook

Google is excited to be delivering this e-book as a resource to our customers and all others in the cloud community. We've been asked to share insights and highlight up-and-coming solutions and trends, and Google Cloud Next '17 was a great opportunity to do just that.

White Paper | Presented by Google

Machine Learning: The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage

A recent survey conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom and Google Cloud reveals that while the majority of businesses are struggling to apply machine learning, others are hard at work developing strategies for the technology - and are already realizing genuine ROI.

White Paper | Presented by BMC

BMC Discovery Start Anywhere Application Mapping

Higher levels of complexity, coexistence, and constant change in today's data center make understanding business applications, services, and their underlying infrastructure nearly impossible using traditional discovery and mapping methods.

White Paper | Presented by BMC

Empowering the Workforce

To help your enterprise achieve optimal productivity, you need to help people work smarter and more easily. This includes empowering people with intuitive access to the IT services, knowledge, and experiences they need-wherever they're needed.

White Paper | Presented by BMC

Forbes Insights: The State of IT Service Management 2017

The research maps ITSM progress against a maturity model that looks at its progression from IT department enabler to digital catalyst. The ITSM maturity curve finds that the vast majority of ITSM eorts have moved beyond a focus on IT-centric services, and are positioning a service culture to advance its business in the digital economy.

White Paper | Presented by BMC

Modernize Change Management While Minimizing Business Risk

Download this whitepaper to discover the three key principles required to modernize IT change management while minimizing business risk.

White Paper | Presented by Citrix

Simplify your migration to Windows® 10 and beyond

With Windows 10 IT is facing a milestone - the first operating system migration that's in the hands of employees, not just IT. An easy-to-install upgrade offered free for the first year. The latest Microsoft desktop platform is highly consumer-friendly to adopt - and that's exactly what consumers are doing. In the first month of its release, Windows 10 set the record for a one-month increase in adoption for any operating system.

White Paper | Presented by Citrix

Three ways companies are slashing IT costs with VDI

In a time of compressed budgets and new strategic requirements such as mobility and business agility, IT faces increased pressure to do more with less. To lower capital and operating expenses, IT must support users and locations with fewer IT staff, reduce purchases and repurpose existing assets.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Oracle

Fast & Simple Oracle Database Installation

Database Installation with Oracle has never been easier and more user friendly. Watch this video which features one of Oracle's new DBAs and see how fast and easy it is to get a database up and running on an Oracle Database Appliance that just arrived from the factory.

Resources/Tool | Presented by Oracle

Finding the Oracle Database Appliance to Fit Your Needs

Take part in this interactive questionnaire to find out why Oracle Database Appliance is the right choice for your Database., and see which model is the best option for you. Choose the response that best applies to your business and receive your personalized recommendation.

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