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Remix OS's desktop-friendly flavor of Android hits PCs with mouse support and windows

Remix OS for PC goes where stock Android hasn't with windowed apps, a taskbar, and proper mouse support.

android m lead

Google releases Android M Developer Preview 2 with bug fixes and new APIs

Android M is on track for the fall, and the latest Developer Preview includes near-final APIs.

cyanogen 3

Take that, Google: Microsoft apps will be bundled on Cyanogen's Android phones

The company that wants to 'take Android away from Google' just signed a deal to bundle Microsoft apps with its operating system.

oneplusone 9215

OnePlus launches OxygenOS, a custom version of Android Lollipop for the OnePlus One

The new ROM brings a near-stock Lollipop experience to the much-beleaguered phone.

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