Report: Manual exposure, photo grid options coming to Google Camera

The default camera app may add in some more sophisticated controls that have been lacking in the current version.

google camera
Derek Walter

Google’s camera app is overdue for some stronger features, and it looks like they may be coming our way.

According to Android Police, manual exposure and more grid options are making their way to a future version of the Google camera. It’s unclear if these will launch alongside Android Nougat or debut on their own.

As for manual exposure, the site found the feature appears when you tap the screen to auto-focus. You’ll see a slider on the right, which you can use to adjust the exposure.

google camera exposure Android Police

A subtle slider will allow you to adjust the manual exposure in the Google Camera app.

Instead of just one grid option, it looks like you’ll have some choices. There’s the standard 3x3, a 4x4, the golden ratio, a square, or none at all.

google camera grid Android Police

You’ll have a few grid options to select from in the next version of Google’s camera.

From the top you can select which grid you want to go with for your shot. There’s no APK or update to be found yet to get these features now, but we’ll be sure to update you if one surfaces.

The impact on you: This is likely some pre-work on Google’s camera ahead of the upcoming Nexus phones. These could launch alongside of them or roll out separately, since Google updates the camera app through the Play Store. No matter which, we’re glad to see Google finally put in some more smarts to the camera, which has been behind some of the features found in other phones and third-party apps.

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