How to assign a nickname to your Android contacts

Tell Google to 'call my wife' or 'text my brother' by issuing the right voice commands to the Google app.

A relationship status isn’t just for your social network. If you train Google who your wife, daughter, boyfriend, or boss is then a call or text is just one casual voice command away.

You’ll be able to say, “Ok Google, text my sister,” “call my grandmother,” or “email my boss” to perform that action. A Google help article has a list of the nicknames you can use.

Launch the Google app, or if you’ve enabled voice detection from any screen, say “Ok Google” and say a nickname for one of your contacts.

google nicknames

Teach Google who your family members are for quicker calls, texts, and emails.

Touch the checkmark button and then that contact has been assigned. If Google doesn’t recognize the name at first, spell it out one letter at a time. I had to do that in my example, as Google instead did a search for “Connor Kain.”

The voice commands work with some popular messaging apps as well. For example, you can say “send a Hangouts message” if you prefer to send an OTT message. 

hangouts voice message

Dictate or type your message once you launch it with a voice command.

This won’t work with all third-party apps, but if your preferred platform isn’t supported yet, keep trying as more developers should enable this over time.

You can reverse the process when relationships change. If someone is no longer your boss, boyfriend, or another status you can say, “Ok Google, Richard is not my boss” and Google will remember the change.

For now this feature is only available if the default language in the Google app is set to English.

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