Nextbit's CEO and design chief talk about the Robin's style, camera, and what's next

We caught up with Nextbit's CEO and Chief Product and Design Officer about Robin's design, why it eliminated the app drawer, and what’s next in the pipeline.

The nice thing about being in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress is that practically every Android company is here, which is why I try to spend at least half of my time on the show floor catching up with whoever’s around. 

I sat down with Nextbit’s CEO, Tom Moss, and Chief Product and Design Officer, Scott Croyle, to ask questions related to some of the concerns I had in my review of the Robin. Moss, Croyle, and I chatted the Robin’s design (and why it kind of looks like the Lumia), why the phone’s camera capabilities are so half baked, and why the developers ultimately decided to eliminate Android’s application drawer from the interface.

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