SwiftKey Beta 6.0 predicts your next two words, overhauls settings and emoji controls

The new menus are much easier to navigate thanks to several splashes of Material Design.

swiftkey beta 6 keyboard

If one is good, two is better. Right? 

That rather basic philosophy definitely works for SwiftKey Beta version 6.0, which now predicts the next two words you’re likely to say. SwiftKey calls it “double predictions.” You won’t see it for every word, but with certain phrases it’s pretty awesome and helps you bang out messages much more quickly.

swiftkey beta 6 SwiftKey

The Emoji panel and Settings are now both easier to navigate.

There are other goodies in this release, such as an improved Emoji panel so you can more easily find just the right image. The settings section is also much improved, finally bringing it up to date with Google’s Material Design.

Sadly, we still must hold out for the top feature on our wish list: a GIF keyboard.

You can update your current version of the SwiftKey Beta or grab the latest build from the Play Store. If Beta software is too scary for you, then expect these features to make it over into the stable build of SwiftKey soon.

The impact on you: There are several good keyboards out there, but in our experience SwiftKey is at the top of the pack. If you really want to live on the edge you can try out SwiftKey Neural, which uses a more sophisticated style of language learning based on neural networks. Some of the predictions are scary good, but this keyboard is very experimental so expect some bugs.

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