Get Moto 360 health stats on your smartphone with new Moto Body app

Motorola's new app allows you to browse your steps, heart rate, distance covered, and other health information.

Moto 360 on wrist
Credit: JR Raphael

You can now view all the health stats your Moto 360 has collected about you right on your smartphone. That’s because Motorola has pushed out an Android app for its Moto Body service, which collects your steps, calories burned, and other data. 

Previously you’d have to get all of this data on your watch.

moto body app Google Play

The Moto Body app puts all the data collected from your Moto 360 onto your smartphone.

Prior to the launch of this app you’d have to swipe through the various screens on your watch to find out how far you’d walked, see the number of calories burned, or see how your heart rate has changed over time. 

Moto Body is compatible with any smartphone running Android 4.2 that’s paired up with a Moto 360. You can get it now from the Play Store.

Why this matters: Moto Body collects much better data about your physical activity than Google Fit, though you can also opt to share your Motorola data with Google’s service. Motorola generally takes the right approach to including software on its Android devices - it’s focused and follows Google’s design guidelines, but it doesn’t overtake the operating system or push itself on you.

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