Inbox on the web now lets you format text in email replies

This missing add-in gives you one more reason to go all-in with Inbox instead of Gmail.

inbox open with keep
Official Gmail Blog

Google is backfilling a key feature in the web version of its fancy email app, Inbox.

You can now format the text in a reply, something that was frustratingly missing until now for those who use Inbox on their computer.

formattinginreply Google+

Format your replies with bullets, bold, italics, or web links.

This means you can add in bullet lists or use keyboard shortcuts to give the right formatting to your email replies. 

Why this matters: One of the few drawbacks to Inbox has been that the experience doesn’t translate as well to the desktop. That leaves a somewhat disjointed workflow for some by using Inbox on mobile while going with Gmail on the computer. If Google can add in more essential email features like this, it could encourage more users to go full-time with Inbox.

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