Popular presentation app Prezi finally launches on Android

prezi for android

Prezi is one of the more clever presentation apps, and it’s finally zoomed its way on to the Play Store.

Prezi bills itself as an anti-PowerPoint, with presentations that use panning and zooming across the screen instead of text-heavy slides filled with bullet points. 

It’s popular in business and education with a full suite of apps for Windows and Mac desktops, along with iOS. The iPad version allows you to create and edit your “prezis” and present them to a group on the device or by connecting to another screen.

With Prezi for Android, however, you’re limited to viewing and showing off your creations, though it does support Chromecast, so that makes it a lot easier to get your work up on the big screen. The Prezi blog post announcing the release didn’t indicate if editing capabilities would appear in a future version, but it would make sense to bring some parity to the iPad app.

Why this matters: While this was a rather long wait for Prezi to make it to Android, at least it’s now one less app that isn’t on the platform. It’s been a busy year for productivity-themed app releases on Android, with the recent launch of Outlook for Android and a full suite of Microsoft Office apps.

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