Pandora finally refreshes its tired interface in Android app update

pandora android

Pandora is way more pleasant to look at, thanks to a fresh redesign of its Android app. 

Version 5.7 is hitting the Play Store, bringing a more minimalist aesthetic, eye-popping colors, and bigger buttons.

You can now review your previous tracks and even change whether a song was really worthy of that “thumbs up.” The play and pause buttons also are persistent on the screen so you can quickly skip ahead to another selection.

pandora android Google Play

Radio stations use more eye-popping color schemes and bigger buttons.

While it looks great, the overall aesthetic looks more like iOS than Material Design. Another omission is that you still can’t play, pause, rewind, or advance the track from the app's persistent notification. 

The update is rolling out in the Play Store, or you can grab the APK if you’re so inclined.

The impact on you: If you’re a regular Pandora user this is a nice upgrade. However, music streaming is pretty competitive in the world of Android, so it’s surprising there isn’t a bigger push to keep the features and design consistent with Android’s evolving standards. Pandora may have been the first to introduce us to the world of seemingly unlimited music, but it definitely needs to keep pace with the likes of Spotify.

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