Good luck scoring any points in Android's 'Flappy Droid' easter egg

flappy droid

Flappy Bird Mania may be so last year, but that shouldn’t stop you from wasting perfectly good time on it! If you own a phone running Android Lollipop, you don’t need to download anything—you already have a Flappy Bird clone tucked away on your device. Here’s how to get to it.

Unlock your device and hop on over to the Settings app, then scroll all the way down and tap About phone. Next, tap the Android version listing...and keep tapping. Eventually, the Settings app will slide out of the way and will be replaced by an onscreen lollipop (because it’s Android Lollipop. Get it?). 

lollipop easter egg

Tap and hold the lollipop a few times, and eventually, a Flappy Bird-like game appears

Now, tap the lollipop and hold your finger down for a second or two, and repeat this process a few times. Eventually, your phone will give you a little bit of haptic feedback, the lollipop will slide out of the way, and you’ll get a fully playable game of Flappy...Android? 

Tap the screen to start a new game, then keep tapping to try and navigate your Android through a series of lollipop-styled gates. Eventually, you’ll score a point or two. Maybe. Or you’ll continually crash before you clear the first gate. But you’ll keep playing because it’s frickin’ addictive. You’re welcome.

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