Google Play Newsstand gets a Material Design makeover

google play newsstand material l

Google has been updating the look and feel of its apps over the past several weeks, in a ramp-up to the release of Android L. Now it's time for Google Play Newsstand to get its Material Design makeover. Google's news reader follows the company's design trend with a flatter aesthetic, playful animations, and a card-based organization system. 

The story behind the story: Material Design is what Google calls its new visual approach to Android and the company's apps and services. It emphasizes a flatter design, with heavy images and layering content to assist with navigation.

Google has been slowly updating its core apps during the last few months, with Chrome and Google+ sporting the new look. Android L, which is scheduled for release this fall, is heavily reworked to match the new design scheme.

Easier on the eyes

With the new layout Google is adding more content to the Explore section, with topic cards ranging from Game of Thrones to Vegan diets. It also says reading a magazine is now far less painful on phones, presenting a list of articles to toggle through instead of relying on pinch-to-zoom.

The updated app is to hit 40 countries and roll out over the next week. It hasn't landed on any of our devices yet, so it may just be getting out of the gate.

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