Google Search updated with better app linking, icons for a future hands-free mode

googlenow primary

YouTube and Google Music weren't the only ones to get a little polished this week; Google Search is apparently has some new features to show off, too. The app for Android now features more app deep-linking abilities, so if you search for something within a specific app, Search should be able to bring it up in the results as long as the app developer enabled it to do so. And if you tap on the result, you can be taken directly to the part of the app with the info you need.

Thanks to Android Police’s deep-diving abilities, there’s also evidence that suggests that Google is finally working on that hands-free feature we’ve been waiting for. There are icons (that aren't used yet) and strings of code for the function, but the hands-free prompt doesn't actually work. 

Google’s update Wednesdays have been rather lackluster lately, but that’s to be expected as the Android maker prepares its next major version for release. And with Google individually updating its apps on a weekly basis, we don’t have to wait for a monumental update cycle to get new features.

The update has started rolling out to Android devices everywhere, and should hit yours within the next few days.

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